"Jophia offers Pre and Post Pregnancy Lactation Consultation Services "

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Lactation Services in Singapore

Jophia Bok is able to give you a help on a one to one session and guide you in your breast feeding efforts. Helping you gain confidence, knowledge and ultimately independence as you merge breast feeding into your busy lifestyle.

Courses and Gatherings

From time to time, we organise informal gathering over branch. A time to meet other mommies, learn and exchange some new knowledge on breastfeeding/ babies, and sharing from mommies who have been through certain challenges in their breastfeeding journey.

Parent Craft

Learn more about  infant bathing, bottle feeding, how to wean a baby from milk feeds, even establishing a routine for your new born. There is so much to know and so little time to read about it.

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10 things you need to know before you start breastfeeding

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M is for Milk, Good for my Baby

It is a privilege to share with everyone about this working mom’s breastfeeding journey. Her name is Dyana.

How do I breastfeed longer than 6 months?

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Is Supplement Needed in 15 Weeks-old Breastfed Baby?

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Challenging Moments

Breastfeeding is often enjoyable and easy to manage once your baby’s feeding pattern is established. However, before reaching to this easy stage of breastfeeding is often described by most moms as ‘Challenging’ or ‘difficult’ or ‘erratic feeding routine’.

Engorgement is always a Blessed and Happy Problem

Whenever a mommy calls me or complains to me about engorgement, I will always assure her that she is blessed with milk supply and is a happy problem. I do not deny that engorgement makes any mommies miserable and often gives them great pain.

Poll: How Pro-breastfeeding is your Company.

Welcome your vote and suggestions on what kind of support you hope your company would...

A Frequent-Flyer Working Mom, Josephine, Shares How She Managed her Breastfeeding Journey with her Three Children

There are not many mothers like Josephine who could juggle work and expressing breastmilk at the same time. Many mothers wear out trying to express breastmilk and as a result, their work got interrupted or affected. Soon they find themselves extremely stressed out and after awhile gave up breastfeeding due to work pressure and stress.

A Well-Travelled Working Mom, Elizabeth, who Turned Stay-home-Mom Shares her Breastfeeding Journey

Like Elizabeth, many other breastfeeding mothers especially who are first-time mothers, will face lots of advises from many other different good-hearted people. However, not all advises are sound.