About Jophia Bok

Jophia Bok - Lactation Nurse

Jophia always had a heart for the people, coaching and nursing. Nursing as a profession came naturally to her as a calling to a vocation rather than a career. She started out as a nurse in Singapore General Hospital where she fulfilled her tour of duty and subsequently spend the next half of her career in private practice working with some of the best cardiac surgical teams in Singapore. Her experience includes setting up cardiac surgical theatres in some of Singapore's most renown private hospitals.

After many years out in the field, Jophia had the opportunity to educate and has lectured in Nee Ann Polytechnic as a nursing lecturer over these past 4 years. 

As a medical professional and a mother of two, lactation as a subject came naturally to her. With ease, she understood the crux and benefits of breastfeeding and became a strong advocate with her first born. 

With the 2nd child in place, there was an increasing number of people coming to her for advise and coaching. Quickly Jophia found herself making informal house calls with an increasing frequency and saw the need working as a lactation nurse. 

Driven by passion, she decided then to pursue and studied lactation formally. Both as a nurse and a lactation subject matter expert, Jophia combines both expertise seamlessly offering timely, medically sound advise  on matters pertaining to pregnancy, lactation and pediatrics. 


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