Engorgement is always a Blessed and Happy Problem

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Whenever a mommy calls me or complains to me about engorgement, I will always assure her that she is blessed with milk supply and is a happy problem. I do not deny that engorgement makes any mommies miserable and often gives them great pain.

My rationale of why engorgement happens is simple. It is a natural way for the mommy’s body to prepare for her newborn baby’s growth spurt period. Usually, most mommies will experience some degree of breast engorgement by the end of one week post-partum/ post-delivery. This usually happens to mommies who breastfeed their babies exclusively.

There is a few methods to help with engorgement. Of course, different mommies may experience other complications when they are engorged. It is best to consult a lactation expert. Here are some common methods:

  1. Leave the engorgement alone (if the pain is tolerable) and nurse baby more frequently. The engorgement will start to reduce by the third day.
  2. Wear a supportive bra during the intervals between the feeding times.
  3. Put a cold towel or cold compress immediately after feeding for about 10 min. Take note: not cold cabbages as it will reduce milk production.

Like I see, these are the common methods to tackle engorgement. However, other mommies may not find these methods helpful and it is always best to consult a lactation expert to help in order to get a more appropriate customized solutions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment/question here or even share your experience. I am sure other mommies will find that they are not the only one facing similar issue.

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