How do I breastfeed longer than 6 months?

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Actually when I first started breastfeeding I went thru a tough phase. Long story short, I engaged not once but twice, 2 different lactation consultants and they didn’t help me much. I was left hopeless and in pain, still I persisted and endured the pain and did whatever research I could on my own. Thru trial and errors, me and my son managed to pull thru and now we are working well as a team.  Here comes the next step which I am unaware of – how do I breastfeed longer than 6 months. What to expect and what should I know.


I am happy to know that you and your baby are a team in breastfeeding. Yes, breastfeeding also involves lots of trial and error. It is really a time of knowing how your body works and respond. Knowing your newborn baby and his temperament.

I am encouraged to know that you are seeking and helping yourself to equip more knowledge and support in breastfeeding. This is an attitude that I often see lacking in most mothers. I am in the midst of collating responses for mommies gathering and mommies hands on sessions. I will try to collate a group ASAP.

Breastfeeding will get easier as your boy grows up. Slowly transit him to three meals and dropping his feeds during that mealtime.

Do read more in WHO website and books.

I will contact you soon.

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