Is Supplement Needed in 15 Weeks-old Breastfed Baby?

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Hi, I am a first time mother to a 15 weeks old boy and I have been breastfeeding him exclusively.

Recently his PD advices me to feed him water, and introduce food like apple etc at after 4 months. I am considering as I have read somewhere that it is not necessary. I hope u can give some advice on this.

Also, initially I planned to bf 6 months but I’m enjoying bf-ing so much that I would like to bf longer. My question is, do I need to give supplement to my son and what? I couldn’t find any good information on how to bf beyond 6 months. Hope u can help me on this. Thanks!!


There is really no need to give any physical food until 6 months. You can go to WHO (World Health Organisation) website, they advocate exclusively breastfeed 6 months and start weaning diet from 6 months onwards with breastfeeding. Continue to breastfeed at least until 2 years old or longer.
Our breastmilk is already packed with a lot of water and fluid especially in the foremilk portion. There is really no need to give water. If you really want to give water, not more than 20 ml per day.
Weaning diet can also be made by using only grains and veg and fruits. There is no need to buy from supermarket. The store bought ones usually contain formula milk powder, salt, sugar and other preservatives.

I personally is still breastfeeding my 3 year old son and 5 years old. Having said this, I strongly encourage my children to turn to food as their source of nutrition. Hence I limit their breastfeeding time only during bedtime.

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