Cluster Feeding Part 2

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Cluster Feeding Part 2

Cluster feeding does not necessarily suggest a medical problem in the baby neither should the mother jump to conclusion that is her own milk supply fault.

It is best that the mother learns to read baby’s cue and not restrict on breastfeeding. Always making sure that the mother gets enough rest or at least feel relax during breastfeeding and feel rested during the times not breastfeeding. This will eliminate one factor which will affect milk supply. The mother needs to take special care in her own diet, making sure she eats enough and hydrate herself as breastfeeding will tend to make her feel thirsty.

After eliminating the possible factors from the mother’s aspects, we can now concentrate on the baby’s aspects. It will help the mother if she keeps a log book on baby’s frequency of feeding, on which breast and how many wet diapers and soiled diapers. This is not to encourage mothers to watch what time to feed but to keep track how frequent and how long is each breastfeeding. In this manner, the mother can keep track whether baby has enough milk by counting the number of wet and soiled diapers. I have attended to a mother whose baby seems like a hungry little monster at night and a sleeping angel in the day time. The mother was so tired and stressed out by the change of the feeding pattern. She persevered and just followed the baby’s demand. She managed to catch some rest during the day while her confinement lady helped with the cooking, household chores and basic needs of the baby.Her baby’s cluster feeding lasted for 2 weeks. Help around the house by someone else will relieve a lot of stress and allows the mother to rest and concentrate on the baby especially during the first month.

Breastfeeding should always be on demand. This means that whenever the baby shows signs of hunger, latch the baby on the breast. Soon the baby will regulate his/her own timing according to their own body’s demand and need. During the first month of baby’s life, do take note of the home environment. This is because the baby is trying to adapt to the ‘outside of womb’ environment hence a hot weather or very cold weather may frustrate your baby. In addition, if anxious first-time parents display anxiety around the baby, this will also upset or  affect the baby. As a result, the baby may want to suckle more on the breast for comfort and security. I remember when I had my first child, my baby was very sensitive to the environment. Hence, she cried easily. My husband was anxious and fussed over our baby because he did not know what to do. After awhile, we learnt to calm ourselves down and remained calm while handling the baby even though we were anxious as first-time parents. Immediately, our little baby stopped crying and slept.

Nonetheless, cluster feeding is considered one of the common problems mothers face (though I would not address it as a problem). However, cluster feeding is usually just a temporary phrase. After this phrase, the baby will regulate back to their normal feeding pattern.

I will be blogging more about common breastfeeding problems in my next post. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or leave a comment here or even share your experience here.

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