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Fundamentals of Breastfeeding

This is a 3 hours session on the basics of breastfeeding especially for mommies and daddies who are expecting or even for new mommies who want to find out more about breastfeeding.

The session will cover the topics on basic knowledge of breastfeeding, when to breastfeed after delivery, breastfeeding process, self care of the mommies and related breastfeeding issues. This is not the usual sit down and listen session. Participants will get to learn more about breastfeeding through interactive games and activities (that are safe for pregnant moms). The group will be small and cozy, do indicate if you are interested in such an event

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Hands-on Gathering 

This is a very unique gathering strictly for mothers. In this gathering, mothers will be able to practice their breastfeeding skills while Jophia will be there to supervise. The size of the group will be very small to allow more privacy and interaction within the group and with Jophia. It will be a 2 hours session with light refreshments. Please indicate your interest here.

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March Gathering

Date: 9th Mar 2013

Time: 9am to 11am

Venue and Costing: Please indicate your interest above, so that details will be emailed to you.

Thank you for all your support. Registration is now closed for this unique gathering.


Upcoming May Gathering 

Date: 4th May 2013

Time:  9am to 11am

Venue and costing: Please indicate your interest so that details will be emailed to you. 

If you have any enquires, feel free to leave your comment or email or call directly. 


Mommies Gathering

From time to time Jophia do organize a 2 hours gathering over branch. A time to meet other mommies, learn and exchange some new knowledge on breastfeeding/ babies, and sharing from mommies who have been through certain challenges in their breastfeeding journey. Up coming events will be indicated here. So do watch this space. 

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Past Event

Date:   5th Nov 2012

Timing:   10am to 12pm

Venue and costing:  Please email me or leave your comment so that I can provide you with further details.

There will be a 30 minutes sharing by one of the mothers on the topic: Instilling sibling love and harmony into your children especially when you are expecting your second or third child.

Closing date for registration: 1st Nov 2012.

Education in Breastfeeding 

This is a 2 hours session on introducing breastfeeding to caregivers and family members of the breastfeeding mother. It will be conducted in English. 

In this session, topics on basic knowledge of breastfeeding, how to breastfeed, when to breastfeed and different difficulties in breastfeeding will be covered. As this is a session for caregivers and family members, the topic on how to care for the lactating mother and diet of the lactating mother will also be covered. There will have lots of opportunity for the participants to ask questions and clarify their doubts on breastfeeding. 


 If you have family members and/or caregivers who are interested to know more, please register here to indicate if they are interested in such an event.


  1. Hi, how much do you charge for lactation consultation? Where are you located?


  2. Hi Chermain, hope you and Kayden doing better today after yesterday’s session. :)

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