Testimonial and Review

Hear testimony and review from other mothers. How have they benefited from breastfeeding.

Wen Ee

Stay-home Mother

Great listening ear.Very detailed in trying to diagnose issue and provide solutions and explanations. At the end of session, did feel a little overwhelmed at all the info so appreciated the summary sheet to work on. Most importantly, I valued the open channel where I could reach out to you even after the session and work on the follow ups.


Research Officer

Heartfelt thanks Jophia, for helping in the time of confusion and anxiety of a new mum! Your advices on breastfeeding have not only been practical but also emotionally encouraging. The constant support and advice contributed to my persistence and "success" with my girl  finally latching on!!! 
Thanks once again! Very grateful for the help and availability to come visit so quickly! 


Executive - Scientist

I had trouble breastfeeding for 2 months, I kept thinking I do not have sufficient milk supply. My baby refuses to latch on and when I pump, I was only able to pump a small amount. I felt very dejected. As I still want to full breastfeed, I decided to consult Jophia, whom I came across when browsing through the internet for a lactation consultant. 

The first session, she checked on my latching and it was okay. She gave many pointers and advise which helped me alot, especially in building up my confidence. I love that she is just a phone call away and is always patient when listening. 

Breastfeeding, although a natural thing to do, is not easy for some moms, however, with good support and encouragement from family and experienced lactation consultant guidance, it will be more easy and smooth. Thank you Jophia!



Jophia has been very patient and systematic in diagnosing my issues with breastfeeding my newborn daughter. I was very encouraged by her constant support and assuring presence. Keep up the great work, Jophia! I really appreciate you!:)

Gurdeesh Kaur

Stay-Home-Mom and Staff Nurse

Pain-free breast massage for my blocked ducts on both breasts, learnt proper technique of breastfeeding and hand expressing. 

You are the best ! 



I have learnt a lot about breastfeeding my baby from Jophia. She is warm, knowledgeable, ever-ready to share what she knows and always willing to help and support nursing mummies. She has given me very useful and practical tips to nurse my baby, and has responded very quickly to my calls for help when I have blocked ducts and have problems nursing. As a first time mummy, she has been very encouraging and assuring to me. Without her help and support, I may have given up nursing my newborn. 

Thank you, Jophia!

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